Password Editor

428 | Password Editor Service

This service is only for modifying a known password. If you have FORGOTTEN your password, please see your teacher.
Teachers can change student passwords here (using their own computer): http://password

Note: Depending on which browser you are using, these steps may be different.
***Also note that this process will only work when you are on the district network.

  • Click the "Change Password" button shown below.
  • When prompted, please click 'accept/allow/approve' of the security certificate message. (You may also see 'Show Content')
  • Once you see the 'Authentication Required' or 'Windows Security'  box- login with the account that you wish to change, please use the following syntax:

  • The next screen should pull your account information in, if not enter in the username using the same syntax as above.
  • Enter in the old password in the old password box.
  • Enter in the new password in both boxes. If you are a GoogleApps user, the password must be greater than or equal to 8 alphanumeric characters